Priligy review

1. Priligy reviewPriligy review

I took Priligy for the first time after having a heavy meal and a cup of tea. But I didn`t notice any results. The next time I tried it on an empty stomach and waited for several hours. That time I could not help noticing such significant results. During sex I had a good control of my ejaculation. That day changed my life – I got back something that I had lost many years ago. Fortunately, I didn`t experience big side effects – just a little dizziness. I came to the conclusion that somehow tea can slow down Priligy effect.

Wesley T.

2. Priligy review

I tried this medication, and the results exceeded all my expectations! At first I tried 60 mg and I had headache. Well, after I took this medication I got rid of premature ejaculation, and that day I had a good sex with my wife. I was able to wait until my wife came, and then I ejaculated quite easily.

The next time I took a lower dose of the drug (30 mg), and I didn`t experience any headache or other possible side effects. I was satisfied with the results, but frankly speaking, that time I had to concentrate more to control the ejaculation.

Elmer S.

3.  Priligy review

I used Prigily to fight against premature ejaculation, but the dose of 60 mg made me ejaculate after quite a long period of time, that`s why it was not what I wanted. 30 mg was a perfect way-out for me.

Since I didn`t need to take this drug too often, I reduced the dose to 15 mg.

After several experiments you can choose the dose that will help you achieve the best effect.

George T.

4. Priligy review

When I used Priligy for the first time I was greatly impressed. The effect was significant! I was able to last for 9 minutes! Before Priligy my “record” was only 4 minutes ((( This additional time is very helpful for me – now I can wait until my wife reaches an orgasm. Believe me, these several minutes completely changed my sexual life!

Antonio C.

5.  Priligy review

I couldn`t even think about sex because of my problems with premature ejaculation. Now I can last for additional 4 minutes. It means that now my sexual intercourse lasts for 5 minutes (4 minutes that Priligy gives me and 1 minute that I can last without this wonderful drug). I know that 5 minutes is quite a bit of time, but it`s enough for me and my partner.

David A.

6.  Priligy review

I was in depression, I avoided sexual contacts. And I didn`t expect that Priligy could do something with my problem. But after the first intake of this medication I noticed the positive results… Now I can say that I completely forgot about PE problem. My girlfriend is satisfied)))

Raymond T.

7.  Priligy review

I always knew that 1-2 minutes of sexual contact can`t satisfy anyone. But after I tried Priligy I could last for much more than I used to. Priligy helped me forget about premature ejaculation. Now I`m happy!

Roy J.

Priligy review