General facts about Priligy

Priligy is one of the safest male enhancement products that we have.  Its main ingredient is called Dapoxetine, a chemical that works to inhibit serotonin transporter and enhance serotonin action.  If you are eighteen to twenty-four years old and you need treatment for premature ejaculation (PE), this is the best medicine to use.  Priligy is guaranteed to delay ejaculation.

facts about priligy
Beginnings of the Drug
The main ingredient of this product was originally produced by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.  In 2003, Eli Lilly sold the rights to Johnson & Johnson back in 2003.  In 2004, Johnson & Johnson gained the approval of the Food and Drug Administration to sell Dapoxetine for treating PE.  Priligy is not only sold in the US.  It is also a fast-selling male enhancement product in Asian countries, European countries and in Mexico.

Very Minimal Side Effects
One good thing about this drug is its ability to be absorbed and eliminated outside of the body quickly.  This ability makes the drug a very suitable treatment for PE.  This good pharmacokinetics prevents the accumulation of the drug in the blood in large doses.  Therefore, there are very minimal side effects associated with this drug.  According to research, less than 1% of users have experienced libido loss and less than 4% reported having bouts with erectile dysfunction.  Another thing to note:  No cases of drug overdose has been reported with clinical trials.

No Reactions with Other Substances
Priligy is capable of resisting reactions with other substances.  If you are taking other male enhancing products, this drug will not cause undue synergism.  It has been determined that Priligy does not react with Sildenafil and Taladafil.  Ethanol is another substance with which this drug does not react.
According to research, no food reacts significantly with this drug.  Even high fat meals don’t have significant effects.  Therefore, this drug can be taken orally whether the stomach is empty or not.

Mechanism of Priligy Actions
This drug works directly with the central nervous system which is the regulator of human ejaculation.  As mentioned, the drug inhibits serotonin transporter and increase serotonin action.  It is still unclear how these actions affect the ejaculatory processes.  What is known to scientist is the pathway of ejaculation and this is how it happens every time:  Stimuli from the human male genital excite the spinal cord somewhere at the lumbosacral and thoracolumbar levels.  This nervous message is then relayed to the brain stem.  One study found that this drug controls the reflex for ejaculatory expulsion by regulating the activity of the lateral paragigantocellular nucleus neurons.

Absorption and Excretion
Priligy’s main ingredient is soluble in water.  This substance is white and is in the form of powder.  The recommended time to take the drug is one to three before sex.  One to two hours after administration, the drug is able to reach its highest level of concentration in the plasma.  And once taken, the drug is rapidly distributed with around 99% of Dapoxetine found in the plasma.
The Dapoxetine metabolites are rapidly excreted through urine.  The half-life, calculated after urinary excretion, for the 30-mg and 60 mg doses respectively are 18.7 and 21.9 hours.

Dapoxetine review

   What is Dapoxetine? It as a medicine (otherwise known under name of Priligy) produced by Johnson & Johnson and is specially made for treatment of premature ejaculation. This is the only drug of that kind which is designed solely for purposes of premature ejaculation treatment. However, anti-depressant drugs may be used on off-label basis as possible cure for premature ejaculation dysfunction.

   Now we offer a full Dapoxetine review.

Dapoxetine review

  Men suffering from unpleasant conditions of premature ejaculation have had a scarce choice of possible cure methods for getting rid of their disease. Many males tried using anti-depressant medicines, but these were observed to have negative impacts – libido loss, impotence, and even suicidal moods. Consequently, one third of males suffer from PE and even don’t try to find a solution. Some of them tried using penis exercises aimed at training to suspend ejaculation. Recent researches unveiled that devices designed for increase of penis are successful in curing the disease (positive result in more than 92% of cases).

   Dapoxetine or Priligy will be available all over the world in the nearest future. But now only those who live in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, and Portugal can afford it. The medicine is approved in these states and its sale brand name is Priligy.

   Dapoxetine will possibly be sold in North America in the nearest years, but it is not for sure. Once Dapoxetine becomes an approved drug, there will be two available doses of it – 30 mg and 60mg. One should not take this medicine not consulting your doctor before. When combined with some other medicines, Dapoxetine may have possible side effects and interactions. This cure needs a compulsory consultation with a doctor before using.

   Are Dapoxetine and Priligy the same drugs?

   Many consumers become confused with these two names. Yes, Dapoxetine and Priligy is the same medicine, where Priligy is a barand name of a drug which full scientific name is Dapoxetine Hydrochloride, which is shortened just to Dapoxetine.

   Situation is the same like with sildenafil citrate drug and its brand name Viagra. So Priligy is the brand name of Dapoxetine.

   When you buy Priligy you are to 100% sure that you are buying official Dapoxetine medicine. As of yet, unfortunately, only men from some European states can enjoy buying it.