Dapoxetine in India

Dapoxetine in India   Hetero Healthcare Ltd., one of the biggest multinational drug manufacturer, announced that the famous Dapoxetine (KUTUB) was launched in the pharmaceutical market of India.

   Now all inhabitants of India can buy KUTUB in drugstores.

   Dapoxetine in India (it`s also called KUTUB) is the only drug available at the modern pharmaceutical market that can be used to treat prospermia (premature ejaculation).

   Hetero Healthcare Ltd. has decided to introduce Dapoxetine in India because this drug showed excellent results in premature ejaculation treatment.

   This new drug opens new possibilities for prospermia treatment as KUTUB is a unique drug that can be taken only when you need it, as a rule, 1-3 hours before sexual contact.

   Dapoxetine in India is manufactured at the award winning factory of Hetero.

   According to statistics, about 30-60% of men across the globe suffer from premature ejaculation, also known as early ejaculation, rapid ejaculation or prospermia.

  “In India this disease is very widespread, but due to socio-economic factors people prefer not to talk about it. The launch of KUTUB is a decisive step towards the treatment of prospermia”, declared marketing director of Hetero Shrinivas Reddy. “This greatly underreported problem can be decided with the help of this unique medicine”.

Now Dapoxetine in India is available at drugstores over the country.

Dapoxetine in India