Priligy side effects

Priligy just like any other drug has a few common side effects that may affect people who are susceptible or allergic to components of the preparation. In case if you experience any of the effects described below you should stop taking Priligy and contact your doctor.

 Priligy side effects

The most common effects are asthenia (feeling faint), dizziness, and sudden mood changes. You can experience these effects because of the drop of blood pressure caused by the drug. In order to minimize the risks make sure that you take Priligy with a glass of water; you should not take the drug if you are dehydrated after a practice, in case if you have a fever, vomiting or if you haven’t had anything to drink for last 3-5 hours. You may also experience the similar side effects if you stand up quickly after lying down or sitting for a long time. You can avoid or minimize the effect if you will stand up slowly. Also it is strongly recommended not to drive after while taking Priligy in case if you feel faint after it.

In case if you are allergic to any ingredients that the drug comprises, which happens to less than 10% of people, you may suffer from anxiousness, numbness, sweating more than normal or red coloring of the face. Besides, your ability to concentrate may weaken; you may experience fatigue and frequent yawning. Allergy may also cause gastrointestinal changes, such as constipation or diarrhea. It is unlikely but in a very few cases your libido may weaken. Also regular allergic symptoms like running nose, trembling, dry mouth, stomachache and eyes irritation may occur as well. You should stop taking the drug if you feel any of these symptoms and contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

During the clinical research carried out by our specialists it was found out that patients experienced paranoia, sudden changes of blood pressure and heart rate, disorientation and visual disturbances in less than 0.1% of cases. However most of the listed symptoms were caused because the volunteers suffered from some other diseases while taking Priligy. If you are not sure about your actual state of health then you should abstain from taking the drug temporarily and consult your doctor first and continue taking the drug after. Do not neglect your doctor consulting in order to achieve the best results possible and avoid negative effects as well.



priligy side effects

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  • carlovaros

    Priligy is usually prescribed by a doctor. When seeing a doctor, disclose your full medical history so he can help you with your issue. However, if you’re not comfortable talking to someone about the issue, it’s possible to order Priligy online. Always remember to do your research before taking any kind of drugs, as all of them can cause allergies and side effects.

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