Priligy review

1. Priligy reviewPriligy review

I took Priligy for the first time after having a heavy meal and a cup of tea. But I didn`t notice any results. The next time I tried it on an empty stomach and waited for several hours. That time I could not help noticing such significant results. During sex I had a good control of my ejaculation. That day changed my life – I got back something that I had lost many years ago. Fortunately, I didn`t experience big side effects – just a little dizziness. I came to the conclusion that somehow tea can slow down Priligy effect.

Wesley T.

2. Priligy review

I tried this medication, and the results exceeded all my expectations! At first I tried 60 mg and I had headache. Well, after I took this medication I got rid of premature ejaculation, and that day I had a good sex with my wife. I was able to wait until my wife came, and then I ejaculated quite easily.

The next time I took a lower dose of the drug (30 mg), and I didn`t experience any headache or other possible side effects. I was satisfied with the results, but frankly speaking, that time I had to concentrate more to control the ejaculation.

Elmer S.

3.  Priligy review

I used Prigily to fight against premature ejaculation, but the dose of 60 mg made me ejaculate after quite a long period of time, that`s why it was not what I wanted. 30 mg was a perfect way-out for me.

Since I didn`t need to take this drug too often, I reduced the dose to 15 mg.

After several experiments you can choose the dose that will help you achieve the best effect.

George T.

4. Priligy review

When I used Priligy for the first time I was greatly impressed. The effect was significant! I was able to last for 9 minutes! Before Priligy my “record” was only 4 minutes ((( This additional time is very helpful for me – now I can wait until my wife reaches an orgasm. Believe me, these several minutes completely changed my sexual life!

Antonio C.

5.  Priligy review

I couldn`t even think about sex because of my problems with premature ejaculation. Now I can last for additional 4 minutes. It means that now my sexual intercourse lasts for 5 minutes (4 minutes that Priligy gives me and 1 minute that I can last without this wonderful drug). I know that 5 minutes is quite a bit of time, but it`s enough for me and my partner.

David A.

6.  Priligy review

I was in depression, I avoided sexual contacts. And I didn`t expect that Priligy could do something with my problem. But after the first intake of this medication I noticed the positive results… Now I can say that I completely forgot about PE problem. My girlfriend is satisfied)))

Raymond T.

7.  Priligy review

I always knew that 1-2 minutes of sexual contact can`t satisfy anyone. But after I tried Priligy I could last for much more than I used to. Priligy helped me forget about premature ejaculation. Now I`m happy!

Roy J.

Priligy review


  • der777

    ….how about the “30 second man”. I used to be so embarrassed, I used to dread going into the bedroom with my girlfriend: I was a terrible lover……….well, let me tell you some facts about dapoxetine. WOW…I had my doubts at first, but this was the real thing, the best thing I ever got my hands on. I was soooo impressed with myself: I could actually last and give her the orgasms that she used to lie about.

  • chrishwrd

    I use Dapoxetine for more than a year now and it helps me get rid of my problems with ejaculation really effectively. It was not the first med I tried, but Dapoxetine is really effective and helpful! With Dapoxetine I can feel myself a real man with no excuses. Amazing treatment for desperate men like I was.

  • Tom H

    I’ve been using Dapoxetine and it works for me.

  • MarioDD

    I can’t say that I’m obsessed with sex, but it is horrible when I can’t have it at all. I love my wife and I want to provide her with the sexual experience she needs from time to time. and it is really painful when the long awaited enjoyment lasts for pure minutes.. Priligy solved my problem in no time, no I can have normal sex and my family life is out of danger. Great medication!

  • Patrick

    I’ve used dapoxetine … I’m a college student and I had never had a good sexual experience before using it. I’m not going to say I had the control of a pornstar, but I was more than adequate and my partners have positive comments. I highly recommend Dapoxetine!

  • maxmac

    It delayed my ejaculation time by 3 minutes the first time I tried it: for me, it was like an hour. I wished I had known about this years ago, ….all the years of stress and worry about the PE problem, and avoiding sex all together sometimes because of the embarrassment I suffered.

  • anonymous

    I can’t say that I’m obsessed with sex, but it is horrible when I can’t have it at all. I love my wife and I want to provide her with the sexual experience she needs from time to time. and it is really painful when the long awaited enjoyment lasts for pure minutes.. Priligy solved my problem in no time, no I can have normal sex and my family life is out of danger. Great medication!

  • HStevens

    I tried Dapoxetine. It worked ….. My first experience was awesome; I was able to last for 7 minutes; before taking it I was able to last only for 2-3. My wife also sees a difference as well, because I can keep going longer, she is able to get turned on enough to reach orgasm. Great stuff!

  • mynameearl

    Priligy offers the most effective treatment for premature ejaculation. It simply stops you from coming too soon. This problem is more common than you might think! Almost half of my friends suffer from premature ejaculation. Priligy is our chance for a better life! It works out miracles!

  • todd76

    I work as a urologist and everyday I see men having problems with premature ejaculation. And almost every time I prescribe these people with Poxet. And what is still more amazing is that more that 95% of the men are absolutely happy with the way the drug works! It drives all their problems away with just one pill a day! If you still suffer from your premature ejaculation, I highly recommend you to try Poxet.

  • FRanlew

    I got some generic dapoxetine (sold under the name Poxet-60)

    I cut the pills in half to make 2 30mg doses.

    It works very very well at preventing PE.

  • McLuvin

    For those of you who are having issues with Dapoxetine and thinking you were sent a bogus product. I guess it’s possible. However, beware that Dapoxetine has a VERY short half life. I’m talking 1.5 hours or so. This means that timing is critical when using it. You may take Viagra and have great results 2-3 hour later, your Dapoxetine levels will have dropped off quite a bit by then tho.

    This is a good thing tho. Again, you do NOT want SSRI’s floating around in your system for a long time, they can really mess you up.

  • davidchally

    I have. As someone commented earlier, with Super P-Force timing is critical for a great result.

    Daxopetine works for me and allows significant improvement of ejaclatory control but it doesn’t last long … it’s effects seem completely over within 2 hours of taking it and it take 30-40mins to work. I have only ever used 60mg doses. Sildenafil (50 or 100mg) takes 50-60 minutes to kick in properly and lasts a good 3-4 hours after that. I tend to get a headache with 100mg though.

    The super P-force I got from worked consistently. Excellent erection after 60 mins and great control for the next 30-45 minutes. Bit of a headache later sometimes.

    Taking Sildenafil (50mg) an hour or so before a session, then taking Daxopetine (60mg) about 45mins later, allows me to be hard for plenty of foreplay, **** and play every which way for an hour or so before I cum, recover in 20-30mins then **** and play every which way for another hour or more.

    Perfect, but pricy. Daxopetine by itself has been an expensive option so far.

  • R.Neil

    It is use for the improvement of PE in the following conditions:

    If the ejaculation occurs before or within 1 minutes of vaginal penetration.
    If the person experiences recurrent ejaculation with minimum stimuli.
    If the patient is unable to control ejaculation.
    Dapoxetine should be used between the ages of 18-64 years.

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