Priligy as treatment for premature ejaculation problems

Premature ejaculation is a problem that plagues modern men. It negatively affects relationships and could lead to severe psychological problems. The causes for this could be of psychological, genetic or physical nature. Anyway the answer is not usually simple and most often it is caused by combination of factors. As we said, it could ruin the relationships, because the sex is very important in most of the cases. Premature ejaculation makes men incapable of prolonging the sexual intercourse until both of the partners reach the wanted level of pleasure. That could be a serious problem even if woman involved is full of understanding toward this. As it is well known, men are quite sensitive concerning their masculinity, and inability to satisfy the partner often cause drop of self esteem and other psychological problems. In most severe cases it could lead even to depression. In cases of premature ejaculation caused by psychological problems, behavioural therapy and counselling are the most common way for dealing with this issue. However, this is not cheap way and it usually takes years. Also, there is no guarantee it will give the wanted result in the end since significant number of cases of premature ejaculation is, as we already said, caused by combination of causes. If there is physical problem, this method cannot produce the wanted outcome. The physical causes are often related to vascular problems, thyroid glands, prostate and urethra problems and hormone level problems.  Priligy, or also known as Dapoxetine, is the only drug that is approved for treating premature ejaculation problems. Similar drugs have been used for a long time in treatment of depression and anxiety issues. The main difference between Priligy and other similar drugs is the period you need to take it to have the wanted results. While other drugs need weeks of regular usage to show the effect, Priligy is effective after only one hour. Even better, it takes less than 12 hours to release it completely from your body after the intake. Priligy is mainly prescription based drug, but lately it could be bought on the internet.

It comes in standard dosages of 30mg or 60mg. The daily intake of the medicine should not be over 60mg. Most common dosage for the first time users is 30mg, and it should be increased only if you are not satisfied with the effect. Larger dosages could lead to severe side effect cases and it will not increase drug effectiveness. Men older than 64 years or younger than 18 years should not be using this drug unless it is prescribed by doctor. People suffering from kidney, liver and vascular diseases should use it only with doctor’s supervision. Also, if you are using any other serotonin re-uptake drugs or drugs for depression you should consult the medical staff before using Priligy. Side effects are not common when using this drug, and if they do appear, they are usually mild and they last for only few hours. Mixing Priligy with alcohol is not advised as it could lead to unpredicted side effects.

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