Priligy administration: daily or on demand?

Dapoxetine, the main component in Priligy belongs to the drug class of SSRIs antibiotics intended for chronic use in the treatment of depression. Such medicines are developed to possess certain pharmacokinetic characteristics such as persistent systemic concentration with long-term use. So, some of the SSRIs can be prescribed in a daily dosing schedule for the treatment of PE. This helps to achieve the needed effect of delaying ejaculation, but can lead to the development of other unwanted sexual side effects. Taking it into consideration most doctors advise using Priligy on demand, when necessary, just before sexual activity to avoid the accumulation of the medicine in the body. As Dapoxetine possesses a short half-life its daily use is equally effective, more convenient. Besides, it reveals fewer side events related to daily treatment.Priligy represents a perfect composition for the treatment of early climaxing as it shows required pharmacokinetic profiles including: rapid absorption, adequate availability to create therapeutic parameters and rapid excretion which minimizes the side effects.

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