Can premature ejaculation be treated with medication?

Priligy is one of the biggest things in the medical community right now. This treatment for premature ejaculation is a relatively new development, and it’s been available from pharmacies and select online sources in the last few years. If you heard about it before, or if you are looking for a safe and reliable way to treat premature ejaculation related problems, you are probably wandering if Priligy is really the miracle cure that you have been waiting for? But most importantly, is Priligy safe, efficient and cost effective, or is it just the latest “fad” drug? This article is compiled with the intention to clarify some of the questions you might have about Priligy, and to provide you with enough information so you can make your own decision. So read on to find out everything you need to know about Priligy.What exactly is Priligy? How is it able to treat premature ejaculation?Priligy is the trade name for a drug that might be better known (at least in the medical community) as Dapoxetine. It’s often available in packs that contain three pills. It’s been thoroughly tested in numerous drug trials, and it’s been approved for the treatment of premature ejaculation in a number of countries. Most convenient way to buy Priligy is usually via the Internet – just make sure that your source of Priligy is a registered, reputable online pharmacy. Priligy belongs to a group of medication that are usually collectively known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs for short. SSRIs, including Priligy, work by affecting the balance of important chemicals called neurotransmitters in the brain. The most important neurotransmitter in our case – the one that controls the ejaculatory reflex – is Serotonin, and Priligy works by affecting the levels of serotonin in the brain. Priligy’s ability to affect the serotonin levels is precisely the reason behind it’s effectiveness when it comes to the treatment of premature ejaculation. In fact, studies have shown that Priligy is able to produce up to three times longer intercourse times for a large majority of it’s users.Who exactly is making and selling Priligy? Is it a reputable company?

Priligy is developed and marketed by a large European pharmaceutical company called Janssen Cilag. The company was created by a merger of two other big pharmaceuticals – Cilag and Janssen Pharmaceutica. Although Priligy hasn’t really been available for that long, it’s main active ingredient is a very well known drug, that’s been used as an effective treatment for depression for years. As an treatment for premature ejaculation, Priligy has been extensively tested and trialed – over six thousand men partake in these tests, and an large majority of them experienced an measurable increase in their ability to delay orgasm for much longer than they were previously able to do. Also, the studies have shown that Priligy is completely safe and that there are very few side effects, as long as you make sure that you don’t take more than one pill at a time. Priligy should be taken thirty to forty five minutes before the intercourse, with a glass of water.

Stop premature ejaculation with Priligy

If you ask most men what their greatest fear is, you won’t hear stories about war, death, or car crashes. It is very likely you will hear that it is a bad performance in bed. And let’s face it – people are under a lot of pressure these days. There is the pressure of being great at work, of being always there for your friends, of providing for your family and definitely also the pressure to satisfy your woman in bed. This is why it’s hardly shocking to hear that premature ejaculation, from which a solid percentage of men suffers, is a major cause for concern.Problems in bed, such as the aforementioned premature ejaculation, can be a lot more disturbing than some might presume. These problems lead to a repeatedly underwhelming performance in bed, causing many relationships to wither and evoking the sense of powerlessness and anxiety in a man who is never sure about whether he will perform well. All this could lead to severe psychological distress. Whether the problem itself is physical, genetic, or emotional, premature ejaculation truly is a major issue with anyone who’s experienced it.When people want to deal with premature ejaculation, they usually go to a therapist. However, this is incredibly expensive and it could take years before any significant results are shown, and that is the time most of us do not have. Also, if there is a physical problem, therapy simply can’t help, since then the cause lies in the issues with the vascular system, the thyroid gland or hormones.Luckily, for all those who wish to get rid of this problem, there is Priligy, the only drug approved for the treatment of problems with premature ejaculation. It’s generic name is Dapoxetine and it is superior to all similar drugs insofar that it takes a lot less to become effective. What numbers are we exactly talking about? Well, if you’re taking any other medicine for premature ejaculation, it usually takes weeks before you can notice some results. Priligy, on the other hand, becomes effective after only one hour, and is also completely safe, as it is released from your body after less than 12 hours. Priligy is a prescription drug, but in some instances you can also purchase it via internet.

There are two standard doses for Priligy – 30mg and 60mg. In any case, one should not ingest over 60mg daily. First-time users should start with a smaller dose and increase it only if they’re not satisfied with the results. Taking a larger dose will not be effective and could cause severe side effects. Senior men and children under 18 should not be using Priligy. If you’re suffering from vascular, liver or kidney diseases, consult your doctor before using Priligy.With Priligy, side effects are not common, but if they do appear, they are usually mild and will last only a couple of hours. Also, bear in mind not to mix Priligy with alcohol, as this could lead to unpredictable side effects.

Priligy cured my PE – and it will do the same for you

What I am about to write here will probably be classified as my most intimate confession, probably ever. Some people like to talk about their problems, some don’t, but everyone needs help and this is why I decided to share my problem with premature ejaculation with the world, simply because I solved it after a long time of pain and frustration. In this quick and easy blog you will hear about Priligy, the incredible drug that helped me get rid of the single greatest problem in my life.It all started while I was still a teenager. It was a horrible thing, not being able to engage in intercourse for a long time. But things were different back then, as teenagers didn’t care all that much about sex, and my problem wasn’t really that severe. It was only after I have ‘grown up’ that I started to majorly bother me. After several years I figured it wouldn’t go away no matter what I did, so I focused on doing other things with women in bed, anything to avoid sex, really. It did work for a bit, but once I got a steady girlfriend I wanted to make love to, I couldn’t do it because of my issue.Since I didn’t know what else to do, and I was really depressed, I went to see a therapist. This lasted for months and literally got the last cent from my pockets, but helped very little. While I did become a bit more confident, I still had issues with premature ejaculation and thought I was going to have to endure that for the rest of my life.However, one day I decide to confide to one of my colleagues, and he told me he had the same problem, only that he solved it with a drug called Priligy! I was in awe, I simply couldn’t believe there was a solution to all my troubles. He told me to go see a doctor and ask for a prescription.Which was exactly what I did. My doctor performed a quick exam and prescribed me Dapoxetine (generic name for Priligy). He told me it was the only approved and safe drug for the treatment of this issue. Using it was so simple – I would just take a pill an hour before sex and voila – all PE problems were gone.

I sincerely recommend Priligy to anyone who suffers from the same issue I did. It is a government-approved, safe drug that won’t do you any harm whatsoever, unless you disobey what the doctor told you. The side effects of Priligy are rare and mild, for example nausea and headaches, but even if they occur, they don’t last longer than a couple of hours. People with liver, kidney, and some other illnesses should not be taking Priligy, but you will find out all about this once you go see your doctor and ask for a prescription.

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