Generic Dapoxetine: dosage and contraindications

Today, it is not difficult to buy Dapoxetine online. Numerous pharmacies provide such great opportunity for all those men with premature ejaculation. If you buy Dapoxetine – follow instructions to avoid side effects and obtain efficacy.

It is recommended to take no more than one pill a day, drinking a small amount of plain water. In case of increasing the dosage and further Dapoxetine purchase, consult a doctor. Don’t combine fatty food and alcohol with Dapoxetine online pills, all this can bring adverse reactions and the absence of desired effect.

Don’t be in a hurry to buy all cheap Dapoxetine, which you have found. Check the reputation of the shop and customers reviews. All respectable shops should provide qualified consultation and instruction on how to use and ordering process.
You have to be also informed about side effects of this medicine. As practice shows Dapoxetine buy and intake do not cause serious side effects, but clinical studies have shown that:
9% of men when receiving Dapoxetine 60mg noted a feeling of nausea;
about 20% of men nausea is a sign of overdose;
in 6% of men appeared headaches, 6% had headaches as a result of an overdose;
In case of any side effects during use of the drug, it should be discontinued and ask your doctor for advice.

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