Enhance your performance in bed with Priligy

Priligy is also known as Dapoxetine and it is marvellous drug that treats one of the greatest problems of modern men. The stress that is ever-present nowadays affects the men in many ways. The way that is the most irritating is when it affects performance in bed. Stressed men are unable to relax and focus so their sexual performance isn’t too good. They can face erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation problems. No matter which of these two cases happens, that won’t affect the relationship very well and it can lead to some serious problems. Being bad in bed will affect self confidence and lower self esteem of any man and that can further lead to depression and other psychological problems. That further affects work performance and all other areas of life. So, is there a proper treatment for these problems?
Luckily, yes there are several options. There are counselling sessions and they can help a lot if the problem is of a psychological nature. That counselling takes a lot of time and money and it won’t be effective with men who have premature ejaculation problems caused by physical or biological reasons. For those cases there is Priligy. It is the only certified drug that is approved and which is used to treat premature ejaculation problems. It can do miracles to your sexual performance and you will not have to explain ever again why you are done before your partner even started properly. Long and persistent usage of this drug will help overall performance as well. Not only that you’ll be able to hold it until the right moment, but you’ll be also able to do it several times in a row.
Still, some precaution measures should be taken when using Priligy, since it has as many other drugs certain side effects. Best way to be sure how to use it is to consult your doctor. It can be a bit embarrassing talking about that stuff, but it is still better than to risk jeopardizing your health. First thing that should be known about Priligy incompatibilities is that it shouldn’t be used by men younger than 18 years. Also, it isn’t advised for men older than 64 years use it as well. Men who have problems with liver, kidneys and vascular system should also avoid using Priligy. If you are using any other serotonin re-uptake drugs, Priligy should be avoided.
Still, despite these few downsides, there are much more positives with this drug. It works almost momentarily so all you should do is take it some half an hour prior to sex intercourse. It will provide approximately 20 minutes of fun undisrupted by premature ejaculation, and it will be out of your system in some 12 hours. It comes in common dosages of 30mg and 60mg, and first time users should start with the lowest one. You should increase the dosage if you don’t have the wanted result, but not over 60mg. Also, it shouldn’t be taken more than once a day.

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