Dapoxetine dosage

Pre-mature ejaculation is one of the most common physical dis-orders found in almost one third of the male population. It is also the most common male sexual dysfunctions. Several medical studies show that it is found among the age group of 18-30 years. Pre-mature ejaculation is not considered as a disease but it can occur at any age. Premature ejaculation is an embarrassing problem for the men. Sometimes premature ejaculation can threaten the relationship between sexual partners and sometimes it can end to divorce. Some studies show that pre-mature ejaculation is one of the reasons which are responsible for fifty percent divorce in USA . Pre-mature ejaculation can result the declination of sexual pleasure for both partners. Dapoxetine is taken for the Pre-mature Ejaculation problem(Buy Dapoxetine). It is one of the popular drug which works against the premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation occurs in men during sexual intercourse. It occurs normally after or earlier penetration of penis than the preferred time. Irregular premature ejaculation is not the problem but when premature ejaculation occurs frequently then it is recommended to take medical help. Most of the doctors prescribe Dapoxetine as the solution of premature ejaculation.

dapoxetine dosage
Some important facts about Dapoxetine are:

  • Dapoxetine or Priligy® is recommended to be taken once in twenty four hours. This oral pill is available only for the patients who are prescribed by the qualified physicians.
  • Normally 30mg or 60 mg is the normal dose. But it depends on patient’s condition.
  • Normally low dosages are preferred first by the doctor’s. Later depending on the patient and premature ejaculation problem the dosage can be increased to 90 mg.
  • Dapoxetine is normally taken one or two hours before the sex.

Dapoxetine hydrochloride or Priligy® is used to treat premature ejaculation successfully. It is a great medicine for the male sexual disorders. It is assumed that if it is approved by the FDA then Dapoxetine will surpass some other popular medicine like Viagra which is also another medicine used for the treatment of dysfunction among men.
Dapoxetine helps men to fight with premature ejaculation and brings a healthy and happy life. It also brings contended sexual life. Nowadays Dapoxetine hydrochloride is one of the first medications which successfully solving sexual disorder likes premature ejaculation. It is predicted by the researchers that Dapoxetine will suppress sexual medicines like Viagra very soon.
Finland , Sweden , Portugal , Austria and Germany – five of these European countries have approved Dapoxetine in their country. In those countries Dapoxetine is popularly known as priligy®. Priligy® is commonly used in these countries. Moreover government warned people about the fake Dapoxetine or fake prilligy®. Dapoxetine is found in any licensed medicine stores. Doctors frequently prescribe Dapoxetine against the pre-mature ejaculation. If this drug is regularly taken then pre-mature ejaculation problem get solved. But never try Dapoxetine without prescription. You can buy Dapoxetine from our web site. We offer Dapoxetine with reasonable price.

Dapoxetine Priligy F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Composed below are some questions some people may have regarding Dapoxetine / Priligy®

dapoxetine priligy faq

Q) What are the side effects of this medication?

A) Side effects can be, but not limited to, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, headache, tiredness. But these are not necessarily what you will experience, some experience all, some or none and to different degrees, but mostly mild to moderate. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist if others appear or if you have any questions what so ever.


Q) I am ready take a SSRI for depression, can I take this?

A) Generally No, Dapoxetine / Priligy ® should not be taken if you are on any other SSRI drug or drugs with serotonergic effects such as migraine drugs. Also do not take if you have heart problems or are dehydrated. Talk to your doctor.


Q) Can I drink Alcohol and take this medication?

A) No, you should not have this drug with alcohol. This can be dangerous.


Q) How often can I take this?

A) If you have been approved to take it, it generally should only be taken once in a 24 hour period.


Q) Are there age limits with this?

A) You should not use this product if you are under the age of 18 or over 64. Some exceptions may be made by your doctor.


Q) Can one take a drug such as Viagra or Cialis or Levitra (a PDE5 inhibitor) with this?

A) Studies show that these can be taken together. But always talk to your doctor as there could be other reasons not for someone to combine any medications together.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment with Dapoxetine (Priligy)

Your home for reliable and complete information on premature ejaculation treatment and the ultimate destination for online Dapoxetine (Priligy) – the anticipated wonder treatment for the most common male sexual dysfunction.

premature ejaculation treatment

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What is Priligy?

Priligy the number one drug against premature ejaculation

    Priligy is the medication which is used by men who have problems with premature ejaculation. Dapoxetine Hydrochloride is a generic name for this medication.
There are no many medications that are able to manage early ejaculation and one of them is Priligy. Premature ejaculation is a pretty common problem among young men, but it can also occur in older men.
If you start having this problem regularly, it is recommended to start your treatment as soon as possible, because it can affect your sexual life. Priligy is from a group of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).
This medication is suitable for any man from 18 to 64 years old. Priligy is also known as Dapoxetine. Thanks to Priligy, the level of serotonin is getting higher which make it able for a man to avoid premature ejaculationThe level of serotonin will not be high for a long time but also for several hours, which is safe for organism.


This is important to know about Priligy


Before you start using this medication you should consult with your healthcare provider. This medication should not be used by the people who have heart problems, liver impairment or kidney failure. Also, this medication should not be used by men who are under 18 years old.
There is a range of medication that should never be combined with Priligy. Those are monoamine oxidase inhibitors, thioridazine, herbal treatments or antidepressants.
If you use this medication in order to treat premature ejaculation, you should know that there are chances to have side effects. The most common side effects that have been noticed are dizziness, feeling sick, headache and others.
If you are prescribed with this medication, you should only take the dose that was prescribed by your healthcare provider. If you do not feel any effects, you should not take a larger dose, but you should contact your healthcare provider and discuss this situation. 
Different dose of this medication can be prescribed which depends on a range of factors, including age, health status, effectiveness, etc.

Fast ejaculation and Dapoxetine

    Fast ejaculation, which is a kind of erectile dysfunction in men, generates as a consequence of uneasiness caused by operation mindset during intercourse. This condition will also be linked to function, individual contact, depressive disorder, anxiousness or sadness. Medicinal side effects or perhaps an personal injury Dapoxetine might cause fast ejaculation. It can be a junk, vascular, neurological or thyroid gland trouble.


    Now, there are lots of fast ejaculation treatments accessible. An array of common are sexual therapies and discovering tactics like press process, disruption process and enjoyment process. Lovers usually stay away from topical ointment anesthetic lotions that decline the penis experience. Nonetheless, SSRIs are anti-depressants work uncontrolled climaxes treatment options.

    SSRIs like Fluoxetine, Citalopram, Dapoxetine and Indalpine can be purchased, that Priligy is one of adequate remedy. Its brief fifty percent-life of several hrs helps a man in offering making love by about 200 to 300 %. Dapoxetine is usually an active component in Priligy, which is a pharmaceutical drug only drugs.

    The first step to healing early ejaculation is establish the degree of which you obtain turned on. Do an try to understand your arousal ranges and never come up with a fast masturbatory generate. You can find some levels of the male member impotence: stretching and answering, bloating, complete penile erection and stringent hard-on. The firm construction stage is how the penis results in being popular and difficult and suggests that orgasms is in close proximity to. If you achieve this period, stop as it were and breathe in profoundly this decreases the excitement levels from the last point on the next point.

    Inhaling and exhaling is additionally a way to cure uncontrolled climaxes. Learning your inhaling can increase the love-making procedure, whilst fast breathing in leads one to one more level and allows you to ejaculate. Take control of your breathing to control ejaculations time. Managed and slow-moving respiration from a waist will decrease the excitement stage and Dapoxetine may enhance orgasms timing.

    It’s also possible to address premature ejaculation through the use of tension to your Perineum, the area between scrotum and the rear end. For the reason that the Perineum gets to to the prostate related, which kicks out the ejaculation if your arousal levels is arrived at. Just request your sex partner to use the appropriate strain at these kinds of location to avoid the ejaculations.

fast ejaculation treatment

    Laptop Computer muscle tissue assist to manage male climax time. This implies the grounding of the pelvic floor muscles, which are throughout the manhood, nut sack and anus region if you think approaching ejaculation. If you training, keep the urine supply for a couple of mere seconds after which discharge back and once more have for a couple secs. 

Buy Dapoxetine no prescription

    We all think too much about our health. It often happens that we have some problems. And they will happen, whether you want it or not. But we can struggle with them with the help of medicines. Except not very serious diseases and illnesses there are a range of rather unpleasant ones. They also may occur only to men or women. But here we’ll speak about one of the most worrying men’s problems – diseases, which concern erection.


    Erectile dysfunction happens in men more and more often. This is so because of a huge range of factors – pollution, environmental problems, everyday stresses and nervous work. All these affect your body and make you feel uncomfortable. But we can advice and offer you a great decision for quick and reliable solution of your problem. We offer you to buy Dapoxetine.

    This helpful remedy was invented by scientists, who claim that it is one of the most effective medicals nowadays. Dapoxetine itself has a lot of similar pills, but this one has exactly a lot more advantages then others. Among these advantages we can name the next:

  • Fast reaction. After you’ve taken the pill, you will feel the effect in a short period of time (less then 30 minutes). Unlike Dapoxetine, similar remedies should be taken in an hour or more before having sex.
  •  Easy treatment. Usually you should take a lot of pills due to the exact time. But here, when you buy Dapoxetine no prescription, you are likely to take just one pill a day. You don’t need to count minutes or hours, while you’re waiting for the effect.
  •  Practically no side effects. As any usual treatment, these pills must have some side effects. But this one is more reliable. Among possible side effects you can distinguish between any type of allergy or, if it is an overdose, the absence of any positive effect.

    But still you have to consult your doctor when you want to buy Dapoxetine on line. He must tell you, how to take the medicine correctly and how to avoid bed results. Certainly, we offer Dapoxetine no prescription, but in order to be sure that you do everything right, visit a doctor.

    Also you need to remember about some moments, which concern the storage of the medicine. You should avoid the medicine lying in wet places or on the straight rays of the sun. Also be careful and don’t let children or animals take it, because it may cause a lot of harm. As concerns women, the effect is unpredictable, so the medicine shouldn’t be taken by them.

Priligy Dapoxetine

    So, hope that after you’ve read the article, you know more about the action of the pills. After you’ve visited the doctor and got all the recommendations, you are free to order Dapoxetine on line here. On line pharmacy is very reliable place for buying pills. We can offer good prices and best quality. You’re able to offer as much pills, as you need. If your doctor prescribed you a long course of the medicine – let it be so. If you’re lucky enough, you even may get a discount or free shipping. All you need to do is just make and order and wait for your medicine at home.

Cialis with Dapoxetine

Cialis and Dapoxetine = Tadapox / Tadarise / T-Ject

    We are welcoming you to our website! On this website you will find the information on the ways to buy Cialis with Dapoxetine existing today. You will also find out where you can find this medication for a good price and where you can buy this medication with no prescription.

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Should you have any questions, you can ask us, or you can also contact our providers for more clarifications on how you can buy Cialis with Dapoxetine, what are the general conditions, etc. You can also compare different prices and find the lowest.


    Where you can buy Cialis with Dapoxetine

    We all know that medications are sold at land-based pharmacies.  Usually, if we need to buy some medication, we simply go to some land-based pharmacy. However, it does not mean that any medication can be found at any pharmacy.

For instance, if you need to buy Cialis with Dapoxetine at a regular pharmacy, it is recommended to first of all call them to find out whether they have this medication in stock. You may need to call several different pharmacies to get the information on whether you can actually buy this medication in some of them.

If you do not want hassle, you should think of buying this medication from online vendors. All the information you need to know, you can find while sitting in front of your PC. It is very easy and fast to buy this medication from online vendors.

There are, in fact, many advantages of purchasing this medication from online providers. Some of those you can find in the following section.

    Why it is better to buy Cialis with Dapoxetine online

    As it was already mentioned, there are lots of advantages of buying this medication from online vendors. First of all, you can find a much better price, than what is offered at land-based pharmacies. There are many reasons for why online vendors offer low prices. For instance, lower overhead costs, high level of competition, promotions, etc. Also, to find a better price, you need to compare prices offered by different providers, and the best way to do this is through the Internet.

You can see how it usually works by checking out on our online vendors selling quality Cialis with Dapoxetine.

The process of ordering this medication has no hassle. It will cost you minimum effort and the least of money. Basically, you will just spend several minutes in the comforts of your home to order this medication to be delivered to your home.

If you have problems with cash, it will not be a problem for your online provider. You will be provided with a range of online payment methods to pay for your order. Money back guarantee is offered.

The delivery terms should be satisfying for you. There are different delivery conditions that may vary from provider to provider, but, for instance, our online providers are able to manage overnight delivery to any country in the world.

If you care about confidentially, then you can be sure that everything will be done in a secrete manner through online providers.

Also, you can save your time if you order this medication from online providers. Why do you go to some land-based pharmacy to buy this medication there, if it can be delivered to your home?

Those are just some but not all great advantages of online purchases. If you want to know how you can buy this medication from online vendors, please read the section below.

    How you can buy Cialis with Dapoxetine online

    So, you need to buy this medication and you are sure that you want to use services of online providers. To start, you should make some search on the Internet, to find online providers offering you to buy this medication online. You can just from this website access the list of online providers of this medication.

When you have a list of potential providers, you should compare their conditions that should be done in order to find the best offer. Pay your attention to price, delivery conditions, payment options available and others. Usually, the delivery is conducted throughout the world, but just to be sure, it is recommended to check this information with the chosen provider additionally.

Priligy Dapoxetine
    Success stories

Dave L., 56 y.o., Manchester, UK

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Peter D., 55., London, UK

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It is very good for me to buy this medication on the Internet. I dislike going to pharmacies and that is why it is a great variant for me.

Rodger D., 48 y.o., Texas, USA

I decided to try out some medication to improve my sexual life, and my first choice was right.

Top 7 videos of Premature Ejaculation

Top 7 videos of premature ejaculation – How to handle Premature Ejaculation

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Priligy Mexico

Priligy Mexico    Erectile dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation (PE) are one of the most common sexual problems that men at the age of 20-65 face. There is one thing that makes these diseases incurable it is shame. A lot of men are ashamed of it and don’t tell anyone about it thinking that it will go away but it won’t! We can keep on saying that we just feel tired tonight or job took too long or annual report made you feel stressed out. There are tons of excuses but none of them solves the problem. First of all you must admit that the problem exists only after this you can make decisions rationally. In most of cases the problem appears after a stressful situation so you can get rid of it consulting with psychologist.
There are a few reasons that may cause ED or PE. The most serious but the most rare cause is physical injury. In 90% of cases the reasons are high cholesterol level, heart diseases, alcoholism or strong tobacco addiction, low testosterone level, obesity and few other. Psychological problems are more common and include consistent anxiety, depression, stresses and other problems related to social problems that cause stressful situations and lead to depression.


Some time ago it was thought that there is no cure such diseases but now there is an innovative and highly reliable and effective medication that helps men achieve firm and long-lasting erection – Priligy. It was launched in a few countries in Europe, later it could be found in North America but now two words standing side by side, Priligy Mexico are also reality. Now Priligy Mexico is available over the Internet. You just made the first step towards happy sexual life and wellbeing. Now all you need to do is order the medication. Thousands of men have been using Priligy and happy with the results. Now you can do that too!


Priligy’s key component is Dapoxetine, which is selective serotonin peuptake inhibitor. It helps you to normalize the level of serotonin in blood allowing you to achieve better control over erection and ejaculation. In order to avoid possible side effects consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking the drug. You can find the detailed information about side effects in related section at the web site. Do not hesitate and don’t set it aside because you deserve to be happy.

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Priligy side effects

Priligy just like any other drug has a few common side effects that may affect people who are susceptible or allergic to components of the preparation. In case if you experience any of the effects described below you should stop taking Priligy and contact your doctor.

 Priligy side effects

The most common effects are asthenia (feeling faint), dizziness, and sudden mood changes. You can experience these effects because of the drop of blood pressure caused by the drug. In order to minimize the risks make sure that you take Priligy with a glass of water; you should not take the drug if you are dehydrated after a practice, in case if you have a fever, vomiting or if you haven’t had anything to drink for last 3-5 hours. You may also experience the similar side effects if you stand up quickly after lying down or sitting for a long time. You can avoid or minimize the effect if you will stand up slowly. Also it is strongly recommended not to drive after while taking Priligy in case if you feel faint after it.

In case if you are allergic to any ingredients that the drug comprises, which happens to less than 10% of people, you may suffer from anxiousness, numbness, sweating more than normal or red coloring of the face. Besides, your ability to concentrate may weaken; you may experience fatigue and frequent yawning. Allergy may also cause gastrointestinal changes, such as constipation or diarrhea. It is unlikely but in a very few cases your libido may weaken. Also regular allergic symptoms like running nose, trembling, dry mouth, stomachache and eyes irritation may occur as well. You should stop taking the drug if you feel any of these symptoms and contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

During the clinical research carried out by our specialists it was found out that patients experienced paranoia, sudden changes of blood pressure and heart rate, disorientation and visual disturbances in less than 0.1% of cases. However most of the listed symptoms were caused because the volunteers suffered from some other diseases while taking Priligy. If you are not sure about your actual state of health then you should abstain from taking the drug temporarily and consult your doctor first and continue taking the drug after. Do not neglect your doctor consulting in order to achieve the best results possible and avoid negative effects as well.

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